A New Way to Veg With T5 Fixtures: Use LEDs

CULVER CITY, CA (JULY 24, 2017) – TopGrow Lighting is pleased to announce the official release of the world’s first competitively priced 6500K full spectrum color temperature LED T5 to replace fluorescent T5 grow lamps at Indo Expo, August 5th and 6th, in Portland, Oregon. TopGrow’s LED T5 lamp has been independently verified by Underwriter Laboratories’ (UL) horticulture photometry testing to produce over 30 μmol/s of photon flux in the blue wavelength range of 450-500 nm. Scientific studies have established this wavelength range is critical for stimulating seedling development for more uniformly stocky, compact plants and faster greening and leaf expansion.

TopGrow’s 4ft LED T5s are intended to replace legacy fluorescent T5 vegetative grow lamps and work with existing multi-lamp T5 fixtures by offering a 5-year/50,000 hour operating life rating. Yet they use only 24 watts (W) per lamp which is over 50% less power and substantially less heat than the typical 54W fluorescent T5 bulb, while achieving a PPF Efficacy of 1.8 μmol/s/W.

“This definitely fulfills the hopes and dreams of LED technology for growers,” says TopGrow Lighting Sales Director Joseph Hazani. “Our sample growers were automatically skeptical because of the overpromises from LEDs in the past, but they couldn’t be happier after seeing their lower electric bill and grow results.”

TopGrow’s stock is located in Torrance, CA and the company is actively seeking distributor partnerships to replace existing T5 lamps installed by growers.

“Serious growers are using multiple six and eight lamp T5 fixtures,” says Mr. Hazani. “These are the people who are currently replacing their fluorescent lamps two to three times a year. They are in most need of a durable replacement with more than half the power consumption.”

TopGrow will be exhibiting the lamps and its UL horticulture photometry data at Booth #842.

About TopGrow Lighting Inc. (TopGrowLighting.com)

Founded in 2017 in Culver City, CA, TopGrow Lighting is an LED grow lighting manufacturer whose mission is to realize the potential of LED Lighting in improving grow system efficiency. The company fulfills its mission by offering state of the art LED lighting products rated with tens of thousands of hours of operating life and stable light color to maintain grow performance at a price point intended to sway growers away from legacy lighting technologies.


Joseph Hazani, Sales Director
P: (424) 202-7331
E: Joseph@TopGrowLighting.com


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